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This socket fits sump plugs UG526 and RG3744.  These plugs are found on Dawn, Cloud, Shadow, Spirit/Spur oil sumps as well as Shadow final drives and fuel tanks - and probably a bunch of other stuff.

These sockets are milled to .525".  Having this socket allows you to keep your factory multi-tool where it belongs - in the tool kit.  This socket has a 1/2" drive.

If your UG526 sump plugs have already been vandalized, British Tool Works offers new ones under the "New Parts" tab.

EPW/SC/SY/SZ Sump Plug Socket

  • If you purchase just this item, the shipping rule is set to ship First Class in the US for just $5.  This is the only item that ships for this price.

    Please contact us for an accurate international quote.

  • All British Tool Works tools are guaranteed for life.  No receipt necessary.  We will be astonished if one fails and we will ask plenty of questions, but it will be replaced post-haste or a refund given - your choice.  But honestly, that's never gonna happen.

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