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Customer Testimonials

Hi Kelly,

I received the gauges this afternoon, fitted and tried them.  Excellent.

 Much more civilized than taking off the air manifold and using a flowmeter.



Just bought the kit from Kelly with PayPal at 20:50 pm, I received a notice 8 minutes later saying that the parcel is out for delivery and am given a tracking number,
It just does not get any better, not possible !!
Thanks Kelly,


Dear Kelly,

I am overwhelmed by the amazing job you have done for me on this boss.

The workmanship is second to none.


You Da Man……

Many many thanks bro.



I can't believe how fast it was to order your kit, I ordered last Saturday and received my kit today (Monday)  in Oregon, looking forward to trying it out this weekend.



Kelly my tools came today and they are beautiful! I want some more soon!



Your tools look excellent, better than the original factory tools, some of which are NLA.


your work is absolutely amazing ! It's to such an incredibly high standard.
The only downside is that it makes me want to redo all the parts I have already refurbished on my own car as suddenly they don't seem good enough anymore.

Received my SU HD8 adapter kits & gauges from Kelly before Christmas and they fit perfectly as expected. These are quality precision instruments.


Hello Kelly, Thanks for doing such an awesome job, you are a true artisan. AF

Wow, now that’s what I call service!


Hi Kelly,

​I'm just blown away at how awesome this kit works for me.  I can tell by the exhaust note, idle and driveway rev that it's different car entirely.  

​I will be posting this same info with a rave review asap this weekend.  You absolutely have my permission to publish this on your site, pics and review.

​Thanks for doing what you do and clearly you do it with pride.  



Subject: Happy Customer

Kelly, I just tuned the H4s on my MGA with your synchronizers, and they work like a charm. The gauges picked up that I was a little off from the previous tuning with my Unisyn gauge. Not having to take off the air filters to sync the carbs makes it all worth while. Once you account for the extra weight of the gauge compared to the resistance of the damper, when doing the final setting of the rpm everything falls into place.


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