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Services Offered

BTW offers SY sphere exchanging with our own new kits that incorporate a new sealing arrangement that is a big improvement on the original steel ball.  The price is $300.00 each which includes a fresh Electroless nickel replated sphere and nitrogen charging.


Accumulator Control Valves exchanges are available as well.  They are rebuilt then calibrated on our own testing rig.  The price is  $295.00 ea.which includes the rebuild kit and a new ball housing. 
These are gold zinc plated with silver zinc plated or stainless fittings - if you send in your fittings for exchange.

Brake pump rebuilds are offered on exchange for $195.00 ea.  Each pump is plated and tested on our test fixture.

IMG_0788 (2).jpeg

Need your G-Valve exchanged?  The bodies are plated with gold zinc and the fitting is black oxide coated.  $145.00 ea.


Silver Shadow jockey pulley repair and restoration is available on an exchange basis.  Starts at $400 with new shaft and bearings.  Pulleys and brackets are replated. New pulleys are available if yours is broken.

idler front_edited.jpg

BTW offers Silver Cloud Rear Axle Bearing Replacement.  While we will be happy to make a set of specialized press fixtures for you, we understand that this might be cost prohibitive for the individual owner, therefore, we'll do it for you.  The price starts at $1000/pr. including new 3309-2RS bearings and GB4956 axle collars.  Powder-coating is available for an additional $200.00.
Wheel studs can be repaired or replaced as necessary.

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