Services Offered

BTW offers SY sphere rebuilding with with new kits from Flying Spares.  FS's kit has a new sealing arrangement that is a big improvement on the original steel ball.  The price starts at $275 each to rebuild your own sphere which includes the price of the kit and nitrogen charging. 
Sphere exchange is available for fast turnaround.  Exchange spheres are Electroless nickel plated and add $75 to the price of a rebuild.


Accumulator Control Valves can be rebuilt and calibrated on our own testing rig.  The price starts at $260.00 which includes the rebuild kit and a new ball housing.  Ball housings always have a flat spot and we always replace them with new Chromoly ball housings made right here at BTW.  There are other parts that occasionally need replacing and can add to the price.  We have all parts in stock.
Exchange ACV's are also available for fast turnaround and cost $45 more because they are gold zinc plated with silver zinc plated or stainless fittings - if you send in your fittings for exchange.

We also rebuild brake pumps and test them on the same rig.  The price starts at $175.00 which includes one of our rebuild kits.
Exchange pumps are also zinc plated with nickel plated fittings which adds $35 to the price.


Need your G-Valve rebuilt or replaced?  We can rebuild yours with one of our brand new kits (available separately under the "New Parts" tab) or exchange it with one that has been completely rebuilt and replated.  The bodies are plated with gold zinc and the fitting is electroless nickel.  This particular G-valve has a brand new hardened stainless ball installed.  Rebuilt for $115.  Exchanged with fresh plating for $145.

Silver Shadow jockey pulley repair and restoration is available on an exchange basis.  Starts at $125 with new shaft and bearings.  We can plate or paint the bracket and pulley if desired or make an entire new pulley.  Click on a picture for more information. 

BTW offers Silver Cloud Rear Axle Bearing Replacement.  While we will be happy to make a set of specialized press fixtures for you, we understand that this might be cost prohibitive for the individual owner.  Therefore, we'll do it for you.  The price starts at $450/pr. including new 3309-2RS bearings and GB4956 axle collars.  Axle collars are for sale individually under the "Parts" tab if desired.  Powder-coating is available for an additional $125.00.

Wheel studs can be repaired or replaced as necessary.