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How do I place an order?

​​​You can click straight through to place an order but to receive an accurate shipping quote, an email or a phone call is the preferred method for now.  Some tools will always show as "Out-of Stock"  as they are made to order.  Email me at or call 801 897-1324.  Out-of-stock tools are usually available in just a couple of days.


We try ridiculously hard to keep shipping prices to a minimum - perhaps even to our own detriment.  We have set up a built-in shipping option that is set to a "Final Dollar Value" so we don't actually lose money, but that means you might pay too much for shipping if you click straight through.  It is impossible (for us) to create a shipping table that can calculate all combinations of items to all destinations and get the shipping charge right.

We'll be happy to provide quotes by email and send an invoice that you can pay directly from,  That way you know that you're never overpaying for shipping.  We never charge more than actual postage costs.  There are no handling fees and no extra charges ever.

Even if you do overpay for shipping, the excess will be refunded ASAP.

All items shipped in the USA are sent in USPS Flat Rate Boxes at the Small Flat Rate Box Price of $10.60.


First Class postage is available for some smaller items.  If you want one small item, it can be shipped in a bubble mailer for a few bucks - but you have to ask.  If you click straight through, I'll assume you want the Priority Shipping option.

FedEx and UPS quotes can be given for Continental US delivery.

Canadian Flat Rate Shipping is $27.90USD for Small, $51.55USD for medium and $67.05USD for large.

Individual countries vary but European/Australian Flat Rate prices an be up to $39.60 for Small Flat Rate, $86.40 for Medium Flat Rate and $109.15 for Large Flat Rate.  Please email me for an exact quote to your country.

BTW is a very small niche business and doesn't qualify for UPS and FedEx discounts.  An international package that would cost $39 through the US postal service, costs us $150 through FedEx/UPS.  Depending on your country, UPS, DHL or FedEx might be your only option to ensure your package arrives (South Africa, I'm looking at you).  International Priority packages shipped via United States Postal Service are insured to $200, so even if your package is lost, we will do every thing we can to make sure you are made whole.

Update: we have recently been using third party shipping aggregators that search discount international shipping prices.  We have been very pleased with these new services.  The prices are low and they are very fast.

Payment Options

​Credit Card processing and ACH through Square is the preferred method of choice but we can send a PayPal invoice if you ask.  We also accept personal checks and money orders through snail mail.  There will be a slight delay for personal checks to clear.   Contact us for wire transfer instructions. 

Please contact us before mailing a check.

The mailing address is:

British Tool Works

Kelly Opfar

814 W 400 S

Orem, UT  84058


Returns & Refunds
Here at British Tool Works, we are serious about the quality and integrity of our tools.  They are the best tools on the market by far.  They are made in America from premium materials.  If a tool ever fails or if you're not happy for any reason, let us know.  We will ask plenty of questions but we will fix it, replace it or refund your money - your choice.
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