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This new kit combines new stainless aerial escutcheons that are made to look like stock bezels combined to fit the Hirschmann 2050 aerial. 

There are two styles of bezels available.  The first has a bevel/chamfer around the periphery of the bevel.  The second has a smooth radius.  Get the one that matches your car or get the one that strikes your fancy.

Polished to a better-than-chrome gleam (unlike the first pic above - pic will be replaced soon), these escutcheons come complete with a new grommet custom made to fit the slightly larger Hirschmann aerial tip.

Brand new Hirschmann 2050 aerial included.

These escutcheons use the same socket for installation as stock aerial.  This tool is available under the "Tools" tab.

When installing the antenna, it is important that the aerial body is not grounded to chassis anywhere.  This will prevent the aerial from getting reception.

One customer made a beautifully detailed document that I have attached here.  His car is a '69 2-Dr MPW so your installation may vary.  It should be used as a reference.

The other pic is an installation in a Silver Shadow.  A similar bracket was fabricated for this install.

SY/SZ Hirschmann Aerial with Matching Stainless Escutcheon

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