This kit allows you to synchronize your SU carburetors by comparing the piston lift in the vacuum chambers with a pair of dial indicators and adjusting the airflow accordingly.  The kit includes brass collars with thumbscrews, a pair of dial indicators and indicator extensions.

This kit is appropriate for cars with HD8's and H4's including:

Rolls-Royce Cloud I's, Cloud III's and 65-76 Silver Shadows

'66-69 Jaguar 420

Daimler Sovereign

'46 to '52 Bentley Mark VI

Please see our "links" tab for a video describing the synchronization process.

RR/B Jaguar SU HD8, H4 Carburetor Synchronizing Kit

  • All tools made by BTW are guaranteed for life.  The exception is these indicators which are not made by BTW.  They are an economical indicator and must be protected from dirt, shock, moisture and extreme temperatures.  BTW can replace them at our cost or you can replace them from your favorite source if necessary.  They are standard AGD Group 2 indicators.

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