These are new stainless Shadow/Spirit/Spur caliper pistons.  They are guaranteed to never rust. 

The largest one (CD4072/CD5737/CD5844) is for all front calipers.

The smallest one (CD4074) is for all rears. 

The medium piston (CD4073/CD6283) is for the rear on early Shadows with the master cylinder circuit.  These cars have two small and two medium pistons per rear caliper. 

Silver Shadow/Spirit Front and Rear Caliper Pistons


    A full set of pistons for an entire car can ship in the US boxed and put in a Padded Flat Rate USPS Priority Envelope for $8.40.

    Even though a full set of 16 pistons will fit boxed and shipped in a Priority Padded envelope, it exceeds the 4 lb. International weight limit for this service.  It requires a Medium box making the shipping price to Canada $52.55.  Everywhere else is $74.95.

    BTW charges only exact shipping cost - never a penny more.  See the Shipping section under FAQ's for other details.

  • All British Tool Works tools are guaranteed for life.  No receipt necessary.  We will be astonished if one fails and we will ask plenty of questions, but it will be replaced post-haste or a refund given - your choice.  But honestly, that's not gonna happen.

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