This fixture is used for assembling and disassembling the rebuildable SY accumulator spheres.  This is not for later SZ welded, disposable spheres.  This has several upgrades from the factory tool.  The material is thicker and four 3/8" holes are drilled in the base to allow the tool to be permanently bolted to a stand.  Access to the bottom is necessary to install and remove the large retaining nut.  It can also be held in a vise.  Custom machined nuts for the top and bottom threads are included to keep the spheres securely in place while removing or installing the clamping ring. 

For assembly, there is a bolt hole that will locate exactly to keep the upper and lower hexes in the correct position.

The large socket has clips on the bottom that rotate into place with a satisfying detent to securely capture the clamping ring.  This prevents the pins from slipping and fouling the pin holes.

For disassembling or assembling the taller spheres (not shown), the split wrench can be raised allowing for 3/4" additional height.

This tool is powder-coated and nickel plated.  All hardware is stainless and is included.

I recently created a forum post describing the sphere rebuilding process:

SY Accumulator Sphere Assembly/Disassembly Fixture

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