This is everything needed to reseal SY accumulator control valves.  This is not for later SZ cars with throwaway spheres.  This kit includes all necessary EPDM o-rings, a new aluminum sealing disc and the aluminum washer for sealing the high-pressure adapter that connects the high-pressure line from the pump to the ACV. 

A new bleeder valve is included and a new ball housing that incorporates a fracture-resistant silicon-nitride ceramic ball that is orders of magnitude stronger than the original steel ball.  The original balls in the ball housings get a flat spot on them from years and thousands of cycles of being hit by the bobbin piston.  This flat spot can result in imperfect internal sealing.   Ceramic balls will never develop a flat spot.

New bobbin piston seals are included also.  These require a special tool to install which is available from BTW separately.  Look under the "Tools" tab.  Or click here.

We have new ACV mainsprings available for $25.  Just ask.

SY Accumulator Control Valve Rebuild Kit

  • This kit can ship First Class in the US in a bubble mailer for $3.50.  It can be included in any order for no extra charge.

    First Class Overseas shipping is available for $14.00, but this item can be included for no extra charge with any other order.

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