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This tool is nothing more than a chunk of 1" hex bar, but it is far cheaper than a 1" Allen wrench - if you can even find one (*hint*- McMaster-Carr).  If you have this tool, you can use a 1" wrench or socket to easily remove the plug in the end of your ACV.  This is for all RR363 cars - Shadow I's, II's and derivatives.  Not for mineral oil cars with throwaway spheres.

SY Accumulator Control Valve Plug Removal Tool

  • This little tool can ship First Class in the US for under $3 but it can be included for no extra charge with anything else.

    All US shipping is $8.55 - no matter the size.

    Please contact us for an accurate international quote.

  • All British Tool Works tools are guaranteed for life.  No receipt necessary.  We will be astonished if one fails and we will ask plenty of questions, but it will be replaced post-haste or a refund given - your choice.  But honestly, that's not gonna happen.

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