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This professional universal double indicator kit is specifically for shops that have a specialty in classic British cars or the discerning oficionado with multiple SU aspirated cars in their collection.  There are 2 indicators and threaded collars included with this kit to allow for all dual carbureted cars.  The collars are double threaded to fit all H/HD/HS series and HIF series carbs.  The 2" travel indicators have enough stroke and adjustment to fit all SU's that have a hollow piston.  Certain pre-war cars like Derby Bentleys with HV4's have a solid piston and require the smaller gages with no extensions.  If you're certain that triple SU carbureted cars are not in your future, this is the kit for you.  Having this kit simplifies the tuning experience as there are less pieces to mix and match and keep track of.

Universal Double SU Carburetor Synchronizing Kit

  • All US shipping is $8.55 - no matter the size.

    Please contact us for an accurate international quote.

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  • All tools made by BTW are guaranteed for life.  The exception is these indicators which are not made by BTW.  They are an economical indicator and must be protected from dirt, shock, moisture and extreme temperatures.  BTW can replace them at our cost or you can replace them from your favorite source if necessary.  They are standard AGD Group 2 indicators.

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