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This is the socket for removing slotted nut UE5505 located behind the front timing cover that retains the oil flinger and oil pump gear.  If you are rebuilding an engine, you will need this socket.  It is based on the factory tool RH7110.  This slotted nut is left handed.

This fits all V8 6.25/6.75L Rolls engines i.e., Clouds, Shadows/derivatives and Spirit/Spurs.

This socket also fits nut AJR84 on the Austin Princess Vanden Plas equipped with the RR FB60 motor. BMC calls this socket 18G 1010.

This socket is CNC made from a billet bar of heat-treated chromoly.  It weighs 2.5 lbs.

V8 SC/SY/SZ Oil Flinger/Oil Pump Gear Slotted Nut Socket RH7110 18G1010

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