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The spring compressor for late model Spirit chassis (from approximately 1989 - up) requires an adapter plate on the top. If your Spirit/Spur has a spring top that looks like the one in the last picture, this compressor is for you. This adapter plate is required to provide a surface for the washers and bearings to sit. The bottom plate is made from solid steel and the threaded rods are rolled B7. The nuts are Grade 8 and roller thrust bearings are included for smooth operation. This compressor is based on the factory tool RH8809.

This compressor also fits early Silver Shadows.  If you have Silver Shadow I's and II's, this is the only compressor you need.
This tool also includes 4 handle nuts. These handle nuts take the place of the regular nuts on the top and speed up compression/decompression by at least 80%. Ya know - probably.

Both upper and lower spring plates in this kit are  powder-coated green.

SY/SZ Silver Spirit/Spur Spring Compressor

  • All British Tool Works tools are guaranteed for life.  No receipt necessary.  We will be astonished if one fails and we will ask plenty of questions, but it will be replaced post-haste or a refund given - your choice.  But honestly, that's never going to happen.

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