This is a press fixture for removing and replacing the rear axle bearings on all Silver Clouds.  Please read Norman Geeson's article that explains the process here:

This kit includes a split plate to envelope the bearing housing and a sleeve riser on which to set the plate.  These will allow the shaft to be completely pressed out of the housing in one push.  Also included are a fixture for pressing the bearing out of the housing, a fixture to press the new bearing in the housing and a fixture to seat the new bearing/housing assembly onto the axle with the required 15 to 20 tons.  The long tube in one of the pictures is no longer included.  It has been replaced with the short bearing seating fixture.

Also available in the "New Parts" section are new GB4956 bearing collars made from aircraft grade 630 Stainless.

Thes fixtures are usually made to order.  Any piece is available separately.  Send us a message with your requirements.

Replacing these bearings is a service offered by BTW as well.  See the services tab.


SC Rear Axle Press Fixtures

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