The rear Lobro hub puller is for SZ chassis' starting at approximately *...*08268 with hub part number UR70720.  If you have hub UG14696, let us know and we'll make the right tool for you.

Removing this hub takes enormous leverage even using the right tool.  Please use at least a 3/4" drive impact wrench or a 3/4" breaker bar - and a big cheater bar and two friends.  This can be done on or off the car.  The nut that holds this hub on is torqued to 600 ft/lbs. so it takes some grunt to remove.

Premium grade 8 bolts and oversized machined washers are included. 

Usually made to order.

Late SZ Spirit/Spur Lobro Rear Hub Yoke Extractor


    This tool alone can ship inside the US in a USPS Small Priority Flat Rate Box for $7.90

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